axes femme

In the era of golden age in Paris called “Belle Époque”, People dressed up elegantly and spent the fashionable lives. Like the art works of Toulouse-Lautrec, color of showgirl’s dress, the hem of frill, the luxury dress decorated with slender lace and embroidery spread into the mass. Beautiful but subtle, fleeting nuance has transformed into the modern style and now breathe in the axes femme.

axes femme KIDS アクシーズファムキッズ

Taking axes femme's taste in, clotehes, bags, shoes are assorted for cute little ladies.
From the daily use cutsew to dressed up one piece in parent-kids matching style, Mom and girls will be happy to shop. The kids corner in axes femme is like the jewelry box with sweet dreams, and give girls irreplaceable girlhood.

axes femme POETIQUE アクシーズファム ポエティック

The colors of tender wind and sunshine, the lace and flower printed, and the jewels like the starry sky are filled into the shop decorated with orange-pink. Items with nostalgic detail, staring but gentle colors, and tender motif, just like the poems in your heart. POETIQUE is the feminine brand mixed of sweet and bitter.