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About Shops

Shop Services

How can I get a member’s card?
Member’s Card is given as a purchase made. Member’s card can be used all axes femme shops in Japan except outlet shops. 1point is given for Every 1000yen. It can be used as 1000yen off ticket after 30points collected. One Member’s card can be used as 1000yen ticket for One non-sale and above 1500yen item.
How the Member’s card’s personal information is handled?
When the Member’s card is full, we ask you to give us your personal information such as your name, telephone number, and address. We handle these information strictly based on our privacy policy. We don’t give your personal information to the third party.
Can I change the shop registered at Member’s card?
Yes, please ask our staff.
Can I use Credit Card, or gift certificates?
Yes. you can use your credit card, and variety of gift certificates in most of our shops. Please ask our staff.
Can I reserve products in shop?
Yes. you may reserve items for 1week before purchase. Sale items can not be reserved. You may not be able to reserve items during sale events.
Can you tell me if the product is in stock?
Please ask the shop you want to purchase.
Can you Wrap the products for gift?
Yes, we give wrapping service for free.

About Our Products

Size and Fit

Could you tell me about the size information?
The size information which is written on the tag is not the dimension of the cloth, but the dimension of body which could fit in. As the difference of textile and design, there may be cases where that differs from the actual state. So we just make the standard dimensions for the clothes.

M size: 79~87cm
L size: 87~95cm

As the difference of design, sometimes there may be only made for M size.

S size: 23~23.5cm
M size: 23.5~24cm
L size: 24~24.5cm

As the difference of design, sometimes there may be only made for M and L size.
As the difference of design, the size will have small distinction from each item.

KIDS items

Where to buy the KIDS items?
You can get our KIDS items from our on-line shop, and part of our real shops. You may check our homepage for “shop list “to find out which shop you can go.
Could you tell me the size information of KIDS items?
S size: 110cm
M size: 120cm
L size: 130cm
XL size: 140cm

S size: 18cm
M size: 19cm
L size:20cm

As the difference of design, the size will have small distinction from each item.

Washing Instruction

How do I to do the laundry?
The ways to do the laundry are depended on what the kind of fabric and design. You can get the correct information from the wash label.
How can I get the washing information?
You can find the wash label on the lining of the cloth. The pictures printed on the wash label are the washing information. Please check the wash information before you do the laundry.
*The picture written with “dry” is mean “dry cleaner’s.”

About Our On-line Shop

Shopping from our on-line shop.

Can I do the shopping by mail-order?
You can find the on-line shop from our homepage, and just enjoy the shopping!!
May I exchange the products which I bought from the on-line shop in the Axes Femme physical store?
The product which you bought from our on-line shop can be returned or exchanged only in on-line shop instead of physical store. If you have any request to our on-line shop, please check the “F&Q”, or contact our customer service team by visiting our “Contact Us page.
I just forgot my password. What should I do?
Please click the Forgotten Password link.
I forgot both my password and hint question. What should I do?
Please contact us by the mail. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.


About our promotion.

How can I get the information of event or campaign?
You may get the Axes femme`s news and information by visit our homepage. And check the shop blog; you may get the information from each shop.
How can I get the Axes Femme catalog?
We`ll have catalog event twice per year. You may check the information of the event from our homepage.

About Careers

I want to join Axes Femme! What can I do?
You may click the “Careers” button to get the detail of content.

*If you need any help, or have any advice, or something want to tell us, you can get in touch with our customer service team by visiting our “Contact Us” page.

Contact Us

Phone: 0120-365-128 (toll-free)
Hours: 10:00~17:00 (only weekdays)
Mail Address: af-contact@aexsfemme.com

*If you call us with cell phone, please turn off the domain name system on you cell phone.
*You also can contact us by the mail. And according to your question, the answer may be late to given, please be patient with it. *In order to check our staffs’ measures are proper or not, we’ll record the dial conversation.
*We can’t afford the inquiry of checking the product is out of stock or not. *We can’t afford the inquiry of any back-order.
*The request of ”Return” and “Exchange” please ask to the shop where you bought from. But the product which can be returned or exchanged is only, “buy it with the list price”, “still with tag”, “buy it within one month”.
We are appreciated for your understanding.

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